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cannot find where data for new vehicles page is retrieved

5 years 10 months ago #5962 by sander

I have the JS vehicle manager pro with the car manager theme.
i have a page where new vehicles are shown.   i have deducted that this is page "content-newestvehicles-style1.php " in the  car-manager/templates folder.

when you look at this file you see :

foreach($newestvehicles AS $vehicle):   ( line 19 )

when i do a var_dump of $newestvehicles is can see all the data that is in there.  However, i cannot find where this data comes from??  I cannot find where $newestvehicles gets populated.  My guess would be from model.php from the vehicle module in JS-vehicle manager but this is not it.

CAn anyone please tell me where this variable gets populated from?  i ask because i need to make some changes there.


5 years 10 months ago #5963 by mohsin
The $newestvehicles variable gets pouplated from  car_manager_newest_vehicles() function. At  /wp-content/plugins/car-manager-options/shortcodes/shortcodes.php line no 770
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