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Features question

9 years 1 week ago #3865 by Willow Creek
Is it possible to set up one instance of JS Support Ticket Pro (WP) and do the following:
1. define 5 "groups" with staff members in each group
2. Any staff member in any group can read all the tickets (both on the front-end and back-end)
3. the ability to edit or delete a specific ticket is restricted to member of that group?

I set up 3 groups: Accounting, Contracts and Management
When a ticket is entered it can be assigned to any group
All Staff Members can view all tickets -- either on the front-end page with shortcode, or on the back-end through the admin area
Only the tickets assigned to Accounting can be edited/deleted by Accounting. Same also goes for Contracts and Management.
A ticket can be edited by Accounting but then assigned to Contracts and then only Contracts could edit/delete

Thanks so much for your answer.
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