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Time frame for the Pro Version/Lifetime updates?

9 years 6 months ago #3660 by Jan-Tay Duong
The ticketsystem looks very promising, first thing I did when I found the plugin is to search for the purchase link for the pro version.
Pretty said that the pro version features are advertised but there's no pro version actually out yet.

I'm a developer myself...sql/desktop/mobile apps dev though and I know how it is when you get asked for an ETA :lol:
..but is there some rough timeframe? Early next year, mid next year...?

Also will it be possible to purchase with lifetime updates? Since every wordpress update could brake the plugin a limited update plan is not really of use, when you know that the site you are running will stay for a couple of years with the need of a ticketsystem.

Thanks in advance.

9 years 5 months ago #3688 by Ahmad

JS Support Ticket will be available in couple of weeks.

Please write your valuable review JS Jobs and JS Support Ticket at JED.
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