Site optimisation & Premium version conditions

7 years 7 months ago #3050 by Roy
Dear Adim, i really impressed with your product and all your hard work.
I am currently trying your free version and would required few answers before jumping into the pro version.

I have couple of questions??

1. I have found running JS autoz is bit slow on my webserver. Is optimisation possible in the pro version? or is this purely down to the theme i am using.
2. Could you please sent me links to few of your sample sites from your portfolio.
3. I am working on a free version now, is it possible to change the js autoz component items grahics, like add new car or used car ?
4. if Upgrading to a pro version, will i have to reinstall and readjust my css from scratch. In the control panel there is a option to add purchase registration key in, hoping this is as easy as this?

Many thanks to ALL
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