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2 years 10 months ago #4580 by Laura Sage
So, my client just purchased the pro version here. Seems to do *almost* everything we need. But having some difficulty figuring out a few things. Easiest items first:

1. Site owner would like to have a field she can fill out called "time required" that initially only shows up in the admin side, but if she fills it out as part of a response to the client, it should be included in the client view at that point.

2. How can I add a note under a field? For instance, we've added a field called "URL" and would like to include instructions with it, along the lines of "Please enter the URL of the page where the issue appears here".

Ok, and now for the more complex item:

3. My client has some custom user groups created. She has assigned various users to those groups. What she would like to be able to do is have all tickets opened by people in those groups be visible to all other group members (presumably to avoid duplicate trouble tickets within the same organization as much as possible). Right now, out of the box, the plugin obviously only allows a user to view their individual tickets. And this would normally be jut fine. But is there a way I can set it up to work where all tickets in the User Group are visible to the individual users?

Thanks in advance.
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