Few Questions to be answered

10 years 7 months ago #603 by soamz
Salam Ahmad bhai.

Im using JS Jobs for my state\'s portal site and I have few questions/problems..

1. How do I edit the Salary Ranges globally ? I have changed the $ to Rs. But it has a pre-defined list and I want to change it and add more items to that salary range lists.

2. And are you going to release your new version by this week ? If yes, I would like to wait and not make the site live officially here. So, please help bhai jaan. :dry:
10 years 7 months ago #604 by soamz
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3. In the Job Posting Form , I would like to remove the fields like COUNTY and some more. Also, I would like to remove the drop down from Country and make it just India. HELP!
10 years 7 months ago #605 by Ahmad
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To add/edit Salary Range
Admin > Components > JS Jobs > Salary Range

JS Jobs release for testing with in one week.

In coming release, more control on form fields like field ordering, field hide/show etc.

Please write your valuable review JS Jobs and JS Support Ticket at JED.
10 years 7 months ago #606 by soamz
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Thats perfect!
Ok, I should waiti for next week then.
Thanks bhai.
10 years 6 months ago #631 by Tegyn
Replied by Tegyn on topic Few Questions to be answered
Hello Ahmed,

I\'m seriously thinking of changing over from my previous employment/job listing component to yours! I\'ve only been using it for about 45mins and i\'m already very happy.

Along the lines of SOAMZ\'s questions though, I too would love to see a few things in the new version (not long now!)

1. The ability to hide fields on the actual job display. e.g. display Title, job type, status etc. but hide fields such as country (all my jobs are in Australia), salary (sometimes employers don\'t want this advertised) and company details (name and website - what good is a recruiting agency if job seekers can go straight to the employer?) The ability to hide the fields rather than just not input information (and leave the heading there) would be awesome!

2. The ability to hide or delete these same fields from the new job creation section of the component.

3. obviously it goes hand in hand with these requests that turning off the ability to search by these *hidden* fields would be necessary.

4. Random or Newest Jobs display through a module in a separate position (Like a feed)

5. ability to turn on/off the \"active\" state of categories

6. a \"Job Reference Number\" field within the job creation section so that a job with the same details can have a unique reference number

7. ability to duplicate jobs

8. like your new demo suggests, separate login sections for job seekers and employers so that employers can directly post new jobs without needing to talk to our staff and so that job seekers can do their business etc.

again, Awesome component as-is and the new demo looks great.
with a few additional things you\'ll have a very professional product.


Kind regards and many thanks
10 years 5 months ago #655 by soamz
Replied by soamz on topic Few Questions to be answered
I see <?php echo $this->options[\'jobsalaryrange\'] in the views and this is coming from the backend list, which we can edit.

Now I need to edit Job Status,which is coming from , <?php echo $this->options[\'jobstatus\']; ?> , but where is it defined ??
Where can I edit those texts ??
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