Features & Features Tab on front end & Date

7 years 7 months ago #3028 by Digital-Blues
Hi There i just started playing around with this program so far it looks like it works fairly well.
I just have a question about adding new features to the options or being able to turn off the features tab completely on the front end of the website.

I am using this to basically be able to display all the big heavy equipment they have to sell or rent but they DON'T want to be able to purchase online.
But the standard features don't apply to big D8 CATS so i unpublished all the features but the features tab shows up on the front end an just has nothing in it.

So basically they just want to overview and the gallery tab.
I also would like to hide the date on the front end as their ads stay up for awhile as the purpose is to show their available units that they have so i would prefer not to show a date if we don't have to.
7 years 7 months ago #3032 by Digital-Blues
any thoughts??
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