Joomla users and how they interact with JSJobs

3 years 4 months ago #4786 by Ian Shere
Using, currently, the free version in case it matters.

I have added a bunch of companies to the Joomla user area as administrators. Those users mirror the companies which will be posting on JSJobs.

I want it to work this way:

An employer (that is, a company) logs into JSJobs. As admins, they have the ability to post jobs. I want them to be able to post jobs which are associated with their company and edit only their jobs (though I don't care if the can read only other jobs from other companies).

Logically, I expect it to work like this but it appears not to be. The documentation is inadequate in this regard and sheds no light on how to accomplish this. The companies I have created in JSJobs should be able to be linked to a Joomla user IMHO, but this is not the case; not that is immediately obvious anyway. Right now, there's no point in having multiple Joomla users as it provides no benefit.

How do I accomplish this? This site is meant to be live already. Thanks.
3 years 4 months ago #4815 by Ian Shere
So I found out this is only available in Pro.

I imported a bunch of users using J2XML - - and they're all set to Administrator. I have all new users set to require a PW reset on the first time. One user has already completed this process successfully.

When clicking the "Select Employer" link, however, all I get as choices is the employer user setup by JS Jobs, and myself as Super Admin. Where are all the others? <shrug>

I'm hoping someone else has encountered this and figured it out as this site is meant to be deployed now, and support seems to be on holiday.

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