Forward slash in front of apostrophes - why?

3 years 1 month ago #4742 by Dave Shipston
I'm getting a forward slash in front of all apostrophes when tickets are being created. Does anyone one know why this is?
i have turned off magic_quotes_gpc both in the .htaccess file as well ascommenting them out in the wp-settings.php of my site.
But still they persist!

Anyone know if these can be turned off?


3 years 1 month ago #4743 by Dave Shipston
Sorry, forgot to mention that this is in JS Support Ticket and an example would be...

Don't would show as Don/'t
2 years 9 months ago #4876 by jolmeda
The only way to fix this is to go to phpMyAdmin and inside the table jobs_fieldsordering edit the data and remove the forward slash and then save and the slash will be removed.
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