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Admin, I have found several times when users are stating that they have an issue and you continue to insist that the issue doesn\'t exist. I would pay attention to your users saying there is an issue and try to help fix it instead of continuing to insist that the issue doesn\'t exist. When several users are having the same problem, then they\'re probably not making it up. I have several of the same issues and have only been able to fix the issues based on what other users are figuring out, not what you are recommending as a fix.
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When user point out a problem, i check my local and live site, if i find a problem i make sure fix in next release but some time i have not any problem at my local and live site. In this case, i offer to user to give me temporary Joomla access to find out problem like some user say, forms not show on their sites including login form, i figure out their problem.

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